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LADYBiRD-CREATIVE was started on the formula of quick, sharp, clean website development where clients are able to maintain and edit the site on their own- no need to be tied to a coder for changes as your company changes. 

I've had a diverse background of education and experiences that brought me to the point of starting LADYBiRD-CREATIVE.  My educational background is all science based, with degrees in biology, biotechnology, and kinesiology however I've always had a creative, artistic side. 

I enjoy trying to find in-house solutions to problems that most businesses would outsource and my first build was based on just that.  I was employed by a small company and the website was built on a complicated Wordpress design, where any changes demanded the original designers time, and therefore he got paid.  The relationship was broken with the designer and any changes to the site became difficult and expensive.  Rather than seeking out another WP expert, I decided to try and build a new, easily updatable, website and succeeded. 

Though I no longer work for the company, site is still  up and running and very close to my original build and concept. My adoration of Wix began with that first build and I stick with it because I can build a site that allows the client to own the ability to make updates and changes because of the low learning hurdle Wix offers. 


The name LADYBiRD-CREATIVE came from my best girl, my 12-year old Texas Blue Lacy named Ladybird, who was my constant companion on many of my adventures and always served as a calming friend in a chaotic work week.  

I am an Event Director for a cycling based business and also am a paid on call firefighter, EMT, deeply engaged in local politics, community development, and mountain-town celebrations.  Currently while doing all of that, I am pursing my career to be full time firefighter in Idaho. 

I like bikes, I'm learning how to ski, dogs are part of my soul, and am lucky to have recently married a man who not only stands by my side (including on the fire ground) but helps to lift me up.

I strongly believe in the oxford comma.

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