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All Hail The Dog is a dog merchandise website which was initially built on Wordpress almost ten years ago. The owner contacted me to do some minor updates on the WP site over the last years which included removing widgets and installed items that were no longer working for her.  

After the third time of meeting to edit and help her with the site, I realize the biggest roadblock for her is the confidence and ability to easily make changes to the website herself.  The platform and set up may have worked for the sales platform initially however became outdated and unstylish, therefore not attractive to the high end clientele which is the target audience.  

Key points to this rebuild:

  • Create a beautiful new site which the owner felt matched the products cost level. 

  • Ability for client to quickly and easily make changes and edit content on her own.  

  •  Design an updated blog where content can easily be edited and searched.  


Challenges of the Build:

Overall Site Feel- To make sure I captured the vision the owner wanted, I asked her to send me colors, ads, and pictures that she loved the colors and feel.  She sent me a handful of pictures of the dogs and described the color of the sky contrasted with sand and the reflection of the sun on fresh snow.  From this I color matched pallets and designed the website feel from these colors, using her established logo as the anchor.  


See images below for contrast of old site verses new site design.  

Editablity- This was key part of the build- making sure the owner was comfortable going in and working in the site on her own.  The previous site often had needed updates, which were not typically done because of WordPress's tendency to be coder-friendly and not general user-friendly, therefore causing the site to shut down completely.  

AHTD 2.png
Landing Page Update
New Hail Main.png
AHTD 1.png
Product Previews Updates
New Hail 2.png
Screen Shot 2020-11-03 at 8.02.09 PM.png
Blog Updates
New Hail1.png
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