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Ketchum Rural Fire Protection District contracted me to create a simple, easily updatable site that would give the public basic knowledge, tips, contact, and access to permit forms.  

While the district had not previously had a page, there was a great need for a website as many in the area either do know the district exists or do not understand the boundaries, reasons, or management of the district. 

Key points to this build:

  • Quick to make live- needed fully built within 2 months

  • Ability for admin to easily add agenda and meeting minutes without going through me

  • Cost effective


This build was a balance of good images, basic information, and innovative ways to allow the internal team to add pdfs and post on the "News" section without much website skill. 


Challenges of the Build:

Individual email contacts- Initially there was a desire for the admin and each of the three commissioners to have domain based email addresses.  After some consideration, I decided that if were were truly working on cost effectiveness, there were not enough emails per member to justify the cost per month.  I instead set up a simple gmail account with the domain name for free and formatted email hyperlinked contact to be subject specific for the commissioner or admin. This also allowed the creation of a quickly updatable google calendar which was embedded into the site from the gmail account. 

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